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Why soup? Why me? Why not?

SOUP ON A SHOESTRING: Pandemic to Pancetta

Soup on a shoestring Ok, so some of you know I make soup. Well, life is a bit different at present and I thought it might be nice to share a very inexpensive and delicious soup that is “can-based.” All ingredients can be purchased at the Dollar Tree, Sav-a-Lot, and from sales or saving isles at SavWay. You can make the soup as listed below in comments, or you can substitute any fresh ingredients (remember the days when we could just casually go buy onions, potatoes, etc.??) for cans. The purpose of this posting is to give people options who are not daily cooks, who need to isolate, and who still want delicious and comforting food. Recipe in comments. If you like this I can keep going with many other varieties. My goal is each soup is about $7 to make and will yield about 10 servings. I will continue as long as people are stretched financially, having to “scavenge” for preferred brands/foods, and needing to stay in and cook from home.  When you cook all the time it is ea

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